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    Teenage Mutant Orphan Furniture

    Sometimes I pick up things other people have thrown away and try to give them new life in an interesting way.

    Leftover nesting tables

    Had some leftover oak and made it into a little set of nesting tables. Perfect if you want extreme flexibility in where to put your drink down.

    Record cabinet

    A combined birthday-and-Christmas present for my record-crazy husband, this reclaimed oak cabinet was made to house his collection.

    Dovetailed TV shelf

    A TV shelf especially made for our home, housing all the necessary tech and sliding in behind the couch when not in use.

    Nakashima chair

    Probably the prettiest thing I've ever made. An adapted version of George Nakashima's classic Conoid Chair.

    My first furniture

    A whiskey cabinet based on a 1940s design aimed at teaching you as many techniques as possible in one project – with hand tools only.

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